Family Law

divorce_pic1Legal issues relating to situations which arise within your family can be particularly stressful and need to be addressed in a delicate and compassionate fashion. Divorce or the dissolution of a civil union may also involve child custody and property rights issues as well as issues involving the allocation of assets. No family law case is simple, and no two are alike. In order to protect the best interests of everyone involved, your legal representative needs to understand all the intricacies a family law issue may entail. The associates at Weldon fully understand the complicated legal landscape of family law cases, and will work tirelessly to reach the most equitable solution for all of the parties involved. When an issue arises within your family that requires a legal resolution, you can be assured that The Weldon Law Firm law firm will treat your situation as if it were their own, and will not rest until your issue is resolved. For situations involving divorce, annulment, property settlements, alimony and support, child custody, legitimacy and adoption, and child or spousal abuse, you can count on Weldon for a job well done.

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